New Alaska

New Alaska is one of the oldest colony worlds, but sparsely populated due to its low temperatures and limited economic potential. High latitudes feature extensive ice caps, and the population is concentrated on the two temperate continents near the equator.


Although comparatively distant, the planet’s breathable atmosphere made it an early target for colonisation. Rival settlers from North American and Russia divided the world until the Civil War united them on the side of the rebellion. The new regime was in turn overthrown by revolution at the end of the war.

Natural History

New Alaska is one of the so-called Cambrian worlds. Diverse and abundant life in the water provided an oxygen-rich atmosphere, but nothing larger than lichen grew on land. Terraforming has proceeded slowly due the inhospitable environment and political disagreements.


New Alaska’s principal exports are rare earth metals and genetically modified native microorganisms.

New Alaska

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