Inedible Food Machine

An inexhaustible source of unpalatable, indigestible gloopy substances


Dex possesses a peculiar, possibly even unique piece of apparatus.

At first sight it appears to be some kind of military-grade shielded electronic device, and perhaps it is at that. Although portable in its ruggedised case, it hooks into a standard post-bio chemo feed of the kind used by alga- and mycovats. It may or may not contain active biological components, but the output resembles the old-style synthetic foods that were the bane of slower-then-light travel.

Except even worse. There is something doughy, something yoghurtoid, something spicy, but it all tastes foul. Anyone foolish enough to persist has difficulty keeping down more than a couple of mouthfuls. Theoretically, output would sustain about 10 people, but only Dex seems to like the stuff. In fact he eats hardly anything else, which leaves all the more real food for the rest of the crew.

Inedible Food Machine

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